"...y si no me tienen fe..."

About me

As I mentioned in the home page, I am married since 2004, I have two beautiful daugthers, I'm Christian guy and I love (seriouly.. I love it) Crossfit and Running. Honestly I did not make a desicion yet about what likes me more, but so far, both deserve my free time.

Programming is something I really like to do, even more when I get paid for that :) ha!. I have been in this business since I was 20 years old, hence, I collected almost 16 years of experience dealing with deadlines, startups, clients, deliverables and.. HOTFIXES, so, even when I know that I am not a genius, when I commit with a project, I take it seriously, and I don't give up until the stuff get done. Even when it's something I don't like to do it always, I'm willing to walk the extra mile when worth it.

But fortunately, the life is more than spend hours in front of the laptop, filling tickets, defining acceptance criteria, and creating pull request. Thanks God there's a world to discover, a family to enjoy and friends for fun!.

So.. when I am not working (and neither and getting provisions in the supermarket hehe) I workout in the crossfit box or.. in the street, running, adding kilometers to my legs. I think my knees will pay the price some years forward, but.. who cares! life is one and too short to spend you life sit on the couch.

My workouts...

As a proof that I am not a liar, these are some workouts that I pulled directly from y Strava account.